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"one of the reasons we decided to end EdgeHTML was because Google kept making changes to its sites that broke other browsers, and we couldn’t keep up."

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I just used a big word in an important thing and I am totally an adult now :eyebrowwiggle:

Does anyone understand the advantage of complex proof-of-work algorithms for cryptocurrencies?

I stumbled upon "cuckoo cycle" the other day. It was supposed to be ASIC-resistant but it turns out it isn't.

So why use it instead of a simple and well-studied hash? The *only* point of POW is to prove you own expensive hardware and you have wasted a lot of electricity, right? So why waste any code and create potential vulnerabilities? Genuinely interested in answers if anyone has more insight.

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i hope one day i can live to see communities that let us flourish into our greatest human potential, and i don't mean in terms of like technological progress; i want us to grow as emotional and creative beings

I made a new bot! It grabs a random radio show from the Hip Hop Radio Archive and excerpts a random minute for your listening pleasure. You can follow the bot at @hhra!

Shout out to @laze for the metadata dump.

Example video:

Mothership Connection: May 30, 1995, Sydney, AU

Really good video about "The consequences of your code". If you write code, you should take this advice to heart. /via @deBaer

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Speaking of masterpieces, I have been shown this on twitspace and feel many of you will appreciate the page layout genius on display (page of a book)

Walt Mossberg feels he can no longer use any facebook products.

Pic for those like me who won't visit the site (at least not without using the Tor browser)

@zyx It's well past time for antitrust action against Google.

MSFT are only accelerating Google's domination of the Internet by adopting their rendering engine. Bad on them.

"one of the reasons we decided to end EdgeHTML was because Google kept making changes to its sites that broke other browsers, and we couldn’t keep up."

Hi Friends, I'm looking for a new full-time position for something related to distributed systems. I'm a full stack dev with a strong knowledge base in p2p systems. I'd really appreciate introductions to anybody that would be interested in my skills.

#P2P #distributed #decentralized #Dat #IPFS

@rysiek I think this is a fundamental issue with having the power to choose the technology and the responsibility for deploying it separated, and with the "throw it over the wall" approach generally.

My company ultimately revoked "every team their own CEO" for precisely this reason. There is no such thing as something only one team is going to need to support.

"Mozilla's view of the Orkney Cloud Project is very much as a work in progress. As is often the case, major efforts like this come in a series of active phases over a period of several years and blend data-gathering, experimentation, implementation, and refinement. Certainly we at Mozilla will spend time with the Project team after this current phase has completed to translate lessons learned into practices we can begin implementing with Mozilla communities around the world."

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