Fediverse user numbers is just a very very long trunked efalump

@jalcine Yeah, I noticed, but it didn't used to be. Anyways, afaik there's like 8k nodes of Mastodon now or something, so that's a bit low on the stat side.


@zyx Or wait, is that? Hmm...

Omg, words mean things... wtf

@zyx Apparently this site talks about both all different ones.

but otherwise afaik the federation is diaspora and the ones that talk with them.

@maloki thanks. This clarity is necessary.

I was incorrect in calling it a Fediverse chart. It's more than the Fediverse as it includes Diaspora, Ostatus and others.. so the Federation is perhaps more correct..

but I'm going to back away fast as it's very confusing.. anywho.. EFALUMP!!!!!

@maloki we're at that part of the conversation where even I am not trusting what I'm typing
😳 🀣

@zyx No worries, sorry. I don't think 8k is correct either... I'm just like, there's _a lot_ of servers out there.

But we can't even see how many nodes can see, which si kinda silly wouldn't that be a GREAT way to advertise on the FRONT page that there are OTHER instances out there?! Huh

@zyx Do hephalumps have trunks? Trying to remember. I think they were ontologically and epistemologically fuzzy in their shape and manner of being...

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