#beakerBrowser looks a great idea.

Is there any chance to have one day posts about decentralized networks relying on activityPub such as #Mastodon or PeerTube ? joinpeertube.org/en/home/

@zyx "Additionally, the web is facing critical internet health issues, seemingly intractable due to the centralization of power in the hands of a few large companies who have economic interests in not solving these problems:
"Hate speech, harassment and other attacks on social networks"

what does that have to do with centralisation
@zyx i really dont trust mozilla's motives because it seems like they are mixed up between "oh yeah we're still all about privacy like we were a decade ago" and "oh shit we have to jump on the safespace bandwagon"

@wowaname "Hate speech, harassment and other attacks on social networks" are a factor of Internet Health. Decentralization is one of the 5 core topics of this effort. If you have issues on these topics reach out to the authors themselves, or dive right into Mozilla's Internet Health Report - as comments are open. internethealthreport.org/2018/

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