My mentee Heather Burns delivering yet another HIGH QUALITY talk on &

Seriously, book her for your event. Her expertise is unquestionably valuable.

[ukpol] A brexit related thing I did in 2016 that got to the front cover of Gay Times magazine Show more


Excited for

Who am I kidding? "Excited" doesn't even express my feelings well enough.. so I'll go with Urban Dictionary's definition which is way more apt:

"so overwelmingly happy that you could piss rainbows."

Mozilla: "one of the most impactful and successful social enterprises in the world" Show more

Great morning meet with at House. I'll deffo go to another event of theirs. Top quality, no nonsense team!

testing something for MozFest next week and this made me giggle because i have no idea what I've got setup that blocks this fingerprinting

chromium vs firefox nightly

nice and all but wtf is the switch could be impressive demo lol

It appears necessary to AGAIN note only used in this alpha test. Mozilla are ACTIVELY looking at other organisations to roll this new over HTTPS standard.

Does this sound like Cloudflare is the intended only option folks?

Hello new Firefox Nightly (64) Show more

Let's test this baby. (63) blocking all trackers and third-party cookies.

Screenshot also shows the use of which renders all windows and UI to darkmode.

I know plenty of folks have silenced or suspended their instance - so boosting this open letter for greater reach.

An open letter from social dot coop

Mozilla Careers - Junior Data Analyst [EU] Show more

HUGE NEWS: Anyone using alpha or beta browsers like Chrome Canary and (version 63) will have experienced problems accessing some websites due to . Website publishers using those legacy / certs WILL find users blocked from accessing you sites.

Firefox 63 roles to release channel October 23, with Chrome around 2 weeks before.

This statement on Paypal due to their site being flagged

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