Another of my mentees, Alberto Lusoli, is based in

If you're a digital or simply trying to cut through the noise of chargeable rates being the 'innovation' focal point of startups copying the Uber model, sign up to this refreshingly human curated newsletter. You're not alone in your frustration!

Open Data Services workers #cooperative is hiring python devs at any level of experience. Deadline this weekend!

We work on standards and tools for open data for public good.

Remote team, full or part time, flexible working, supportive work environment that promotes healthy worklife balance.

(needs right to work in the UK; includes EU)

My mentee Heather Burns delivering yet another HIGH QUALITY talk on &

Seriously, book her for your event. Her expertise is unquestionably valuable.

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:funkwhale: I've started a Loomio thread for the abuse audit of the @funkwhale software. This is where we go through and try to find all the ways it can be used for evil and then all the ways we can attempt to stop or deter that behavior. We welcome the help! πŸ‹

Who to follow on #Mastodon? We are trying to give new users a better start and selected a couple of profiles for #privacy related topics:

@cubicgarden don't miss David Monteith who runs the podcasting intro at CityLit college here in London

How many black UK podcasts hosts are there?

I was having a chat with someone (don't have his card to hand) during a event in Salford University. We were talking about the perceptive podcasts application and podcasting industry in general. I was talking about how podcasting is/should/could be a different medium. There is still the opportunity to do new and interesting things with the format which suit/challe

Idea: visualize musically common algorithms used with computing: compression, crypto, etc..

Can algorithms be described musically?

@c1t7 try @kensanata's Mastodon Backup. Depends on your criteria though. I've used it in the past, especially to find those I'm not following back or those not following me.

"In the article it was stated that Kragh was a MI6-agent, that the Swedish security police should investigate him, and that his employer should do the same. Everything in the accusation was built on a Russian disinformation campaign."

”Planting a seed of suspicion is enough to tar a reputation. Not to mention the threat of a lawsuit, whatever the reason, puts its target on defensive and cripples their ability to act, which is the very purpose of harassment of this kind”

"As an open source fan, I thought: why not get involved in this project? Then a few community members introduced me to the LibreOffice community!" Find out how Biraj Karmakar is helping us to our software even better:

White Paper on online harms β€œlack an assessment of the risk to free expression and omit any explanation as to how it would be protected”

So how to reconceptualise delivery as a human-centred, service-dominiant activity of keeping promises and continuous learning?

An impromptu waterfall stop with Gita on our photography trip - although Gita knew about this place, she'd never called in, so this was her first visit too.

I have more of the actual waterfall coming later!

#Photography Nikon D7000, Tamron 18-400mm, processed in Adobe Lightroom.

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