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Oh it's the UI that performs this instead. In Gnome Fractal:

+ >> New direct chat >> (enter username to /msg)

Anyone also bridge to in ? I'm currently debugging what's happened to Moznet and seeking to build tutorial to onabord more to IRC via Matrix.

Moznet is no longer browsable so having to communicate join commands etc via bridged acct. But the only accessible commands are - join, nick, whois, storepass, removepass, quit, cmd (raw IRC command).

How do I private message someone in the IRC channel?

Good morning, people. Here’s a picture of a huge heap of leaves I saw on my way to work. I really, really, really wanted to jump in it.


If anyone's interested, here's an #R and #RStudio introduction I run at the #UniversityOfQueensland. My first screencast 😊
(does anyone _not_ hate their own voice???)
On PlaySite:

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I wrote an article for the Mozilla Hacks blog that's a brief technical introduction to ActivityPub. I also provide an intro to my simple #ActivityPub Node.js server.

@zyx Q: Has anybody in the emoji scene devised a method by which users can define a layout to compose their emoji-based messages?

Say for example, something like the kind of structure that Piet Mondrian and Torres Garcia used to design their art.

That could potentially create an explosion of creativity, with people being able to build not just unidimensional strings, but 2D blocks of art, a bit like ASCII art, but richer. Mind you, it could be a new storytelling device

^^ if you have any questions, ping them my way to attempt to be answered live

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