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In an attempt to simply the terminology in the fediverse, I propose we start referring to "instances" as "neighborhoods". Here's a short pitch:

Each neighborhood:
* Has its own set of rules.
* Has its own "guard" (sysadmin) that makes sure there are no incidents.
* Is usually (but not always) focused on a common theme.

You can send an update to:
1. A specific person.
2. Your own neighborhood.
3. Entire network.

IMO this proposal would make things about 30% easier to understand for newcomers.

Got a public #Patreon update!

If you're interested in (pre-)supporting projects like #Koype and #ActivityDesk, become a patron at!

Makes for a nice gift :)

Pretty sure I just heard an ad on Spotify tell me that one of the greatest Xmas gifts you can give someone this year is great hair.


Thanks. 🀬

This is where I was hiking today! :O It's about 40 minutes drive from home in a protected biosphere reserve that's a world heritage site.


Next on the evening shenanigans agenda - red wine and present wrapping. What could go wrong?!


Real talk, "Too many projects rely on the time of too few maintainers, and those maintainers are devoting too large of a slice of their lives to supporting the projects they love." @vmbrasseur on why we gotta fund infrastructure.

just remembered that when i was 17 i sent an email to cactus, a solo experimental game developer who later went on to make hotline miami, asking him about his tools and design process and he sent me a really kind reply back. that was cool as hell

Some of my favorite albums from this year while I'm thinking about it:

* Angelique Kidjo, Remain in Light
* The Internet, Hive Mind
* Janelle MonaΓ©, Dirty Computer
* Idles, Joy is an Act of Resistance
* Courtney Barnett, Tell Me How You Really Feel

πŸ€” If you are an english teacher and really want to do something useful with your students: Translate open source projects with them.

We speak English everywhere. It's great material to learn the #English language one hand, since it's practical and it's useful for the project on the other hand.

Have groups translating different parts of documentation or programs. Then let them exchange and improve those translations.

I would love to see such work.

#school #teaching #openSource

Listening to The Guardian's 50 Best Albums of 2018. I love genuinely curated quality lists.

Albums I play nearly daily already for months:

Christine & The Queens - Chris
Janelle Monae - Dirty Computer
Robyn - Honey

Just started working through the list (backwards) and now adding to that list above:

Jon Hopkins - Singularity

Something to keep in mind:

By supporting Mozilla's efforts in Pocket you also support its efforts to remove its reliance on Google's search as a major funding route.

The Buyerarchy of Needs, by Sarah Lazarovic.

This is important for preventing climate change, because the manufacture and sale of new things creates a lot of CO2 compared to the bottom 5 layers of the pyramid.


#ZeroWaste #environment

Keyhole was CIA supported tech that later became Google Earth..


"The purchase of Keyhole was a milestone for Google, marking the moment the company stopped being a purely consumer-facing internet company & began integrating w/ the US government. When Google bought Keyhole, it also acquired an In-Q-Tel executive named Rob Painter, who came with deep connections to the world of intelligence and military contracting, including US Special Operations, the CIA & major defence firms, among them Raytheon, Northrop Grumman & Lockheed Martin"


(Went back on the waterfall hike today, but this time I took my big camera! Lots of pics incoming :D)


i found someone on mastodon today
theyre japanese
i dont speak a word of japanese, they dont speak a word of english
but a meme comparing dev/null and dev/0 to a toilet paper holders let me communicate with them
even for a brief second
and for some reason, that feels special to me

I said hello to the most gorgeous statuesque doggo today. A white bull terrior. It basically ran after me because of my hellos (hellohellohello) to get some cuddles. Today was awesome!!!

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