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Hello Mastodon!

OK, what terrible technology are we going to abuse today?

Mastalab has been renamed to Fedilab and now @tom79 is conducting a poll for choosing a new logo. The submissions are still open (I think). This is my submission. Lines are a bit too small when its shrunken down so I would work on it a bit more but the general idea is there.

Go vote for your favorite!

Wherever you see division, plant seeds of unity!

@zyx @zhenech @gwmngilfen yeah, what David said. Please file a bug via and send email with the bug id to (but nothing more, unless you use GPG). Please do note that we consider most crashes as "sec-low" in accordance with

Akira is on the right track to be fully funded, but we need your help.
Share the campaign, write a blog post, talk about it on your podcast, make a video about it, and help us reach more people. A professional UX design tool on Linux is possible!
#akiraux #linux #design #kickstarter #opensource

Proud to announce that I'm mentoring TWO projects in round 7 of Mozilla's Open Leaders program

Alberto Lusoli (Canada) who is working on his self-employment workforce project 'Labora'

and Heather Burns (UK) who brings a Cross-CMS Compliance Coalition (Joomla, Drupal et al)

Putting thoughts about their project down in your own words that you share with others is probably the best way. Even if boosting is good on lazy days.

Letting people know you have this person or project in high regard can make such a big difference to an otherwise silent majority.

We're still in a world where white men's opinions are viewed as the most important. So let's use that to make a better world, together.

If you're a white man in any space, consider helping promote non-white and/or non-men in your respective spaces.

It doesn't have to be (or rather shouldn't) 'Omg look at this amazing woman' , it can just be "this is a cool person doing a cool project" or "this person talks a lot about these important things"

By amplifying their voices you make an actual difference.

introducing MANSCULINITY


but for MEN

Today is meant to be a strength training day and I seriously do not feel like it, which is unsurprising given how little sleep I got for three nights in a row at the weekend.

I know I will feel better for it though. I have only just started to notice feeling a bit stronger in the day-to-day things, and I like that feeling lots.

Just read an article talking about upload-filters for terrorism content. The idea of every platform provider responding to and executing such a request within an hour is not only hard achieve but makes it impossible to consult a lawyer about the correctness of such a request.

Recently published a report saying that in 2018 they got 72 request from state institutions (to provide data in this case) and 48 were initially not valid.

"I'm going to take today off and try and relax and gets lots done tomorrow" - me, yesterday

*spins on chair* wheeew

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In the last week I've started moving my calendars πŸ“† , contacts πŸ‘« and email βœ‰οΈ off of Google

It really feels like coming to the end of an abusive relationship πŸ’” It was worse than I liked to admit, and it's easier to leave than I thought πŸ‘‹

Thanks so much to the #Nextcloud, #Thunderbird, #Dav5X and #LineageOS people for making this possible! And thanks to my techie buddies who helped me out. Look to your local hacklab for help if you need it! You can do it!

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